Melagenin - от витилиго, мелагенинMELAGENIN PLUS is an effective natural agent for treatment of VITILIGO. It stimulates melanogenesis in melanocytes under the influence of sunlight.  

Instructions for use:

Releasing form: Lotion for external use, 235 ml.


  • Reactant: human placenta extract, 50 ml of extract per 100 ml of product;
  • Additional components: ethyl alcohol as preserving agent;
  • Calcium chloride (CaCl2) as a stabilizer.

 Pharmacological properties:

  • stimulates the process of melanogenesis in melanocytes; 
  • stimulates melanocytes multiplication (melanocitopoyesis) in affected area; 

Therapeutic Indications:

  • Depigmentation of skin as a result of burns and injuries;
  • Scars after liposuction.

Melagenin Plus is not effective in treatment of epidermis injuries which are the results of the “Asphalt Disease” – profound skin dissection after tumbling.

Method and principles of usage:

Preparation is for external use. Apply the product on depigmentated skin with a finger once per day, preferrably at the same time.


  • During the treatment with Melagenin Plus the usage of any other external agents for vitiligo is prohibited.
  • The usage of cytostatics and corticosteroids is forbidden.
  • Using perfumes, toilet waters and antiperspirants is allowed not earlier than in 1 hour after applying the agent.
  • Staying under the sun rays between 11 am and 5 pm is prohibited. During this timeframe it is necessary to protect the areas of skin affected with vitiligo using sunscreens with SPF.

Side effect: none. Allowed for children and during pregnancy.

Storage conditions: It should be stored at room temperature. 

Expiration date: 3 years.

Manufacturer: Center of Placental Histotherapy, Havana, Cuba

Price of agent: 36 CUC per bottle.

Short history of development

Melagenin was officially announced in 1973 as a new Cuban agent for treatment of Vitiligo. This was preceded by several years of scientific research and experiments in the laboratories of the Center of Placental Histotherapy. Carlos Miyares Cao and his college Manuel Taboas are the creators of Melagenin. Carlos Miyares Cao is the doctor of Medical Sciences in Pharmacology and Pharmacy, and Manuel Taboas is the professor of dermatology at the Higher Institute of Medical Sciences in Havana.

This is how the first Melagenin packing looked like: Melagenin - лекарство от витилиго, мелагенин


  Melagenin should be applied on the damaged skin 3 times per day, and to catch sun or infrared rays. Taking into account that the treatment with Melagenin is durable (starting from 3 months) and that systemic approach is extremely important, such method of usage may be inconvenient for the patients. The tests conducted the following year allowed to increase therapeutic efficiency of Melagenin. Improved formula of the lotion was named Melagenin Plus. The concentration of placenta extract in the new medication led to reduction of the frequency of application of the lotion to once per day. As a result, the expenditure of the lotion was significantly decreased. On top of that, the treatment with

Melagenin Plus excludes the need to stay under sun rays. MELAGENIN -  эффективное натуральное средство для лечения ВИТИЛИГО

Creation of agents based on human placenta extract made Cuban method of treating vitiligo and psoriasis the safest and the most effective in the world. Effectiveness of treatment of Vitiligo with Cuban agent Melagenin Plus reaches 86%. 




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