Treatment in Cuba

Treatment in Cuba

Medical tourism and treatment in Cuba

Medical tourism, as a type of tourism, is becoming more and more popular worldwide. This tendency is based not only on the accessibility of the information on the Internet and the ability of the clinics to treat patients from different parts of the globe, but also on the desire of the patients to get high-quality medical services from internationally recognized experts.

The main reasons why the patients go for therapy in Cuba:

  •  affordable and high-quality medicine;
  •  get a consultation or a 2nd opinion from the specialists of world renown;
  •  treatment by unique methods with unique medicines;

Medical treatment, diagnosis and rehabilitation in Cuba fully correspond to the basic requirements for medical tourism.

Quality and affordability of Cuban medicine can be explained by the government's approach to its development. Medicine is now one of the most profitable economic sectors in the country. For instance, citizens of the USA, UK, Canada, are highly interested in the medical tours to Cuba that include:

  • plastic surgery;
  • orthopedics (joint replacement);
  •  stomatology;
  •  treatment of erectile dysfunction (including prosthetics).

Patients from such European countries as Spain, France, Germany, and also Russia, Turkey, are coming to Cuba to undergo neurological and oncological treatment.

On top of that, the patients from all over the world are coming to Cuba looking for treatment of vitiligo, alopecia and psoriasis. Authentic Cuban medicines like Melagenin Plus, Koriodermin, Pilotrofin combined with unique Cuban climate show outstanding results in treatment of the above-mentioned diseases.

Cuba is the leading expert in microsurgery of eye diseases worldwide. Vaccines against such diseases as hepatitis B, lung cancer, skin cancer were created in Cuba, and they have no analogs in the whole world.

So, now we know everything, or almost everything, about treatment in Cuba!

9 years of official cooperation with the Ministry of Health of Cuba allow us to prepare and organize the treatment of any disease in any clinic of Cuba!

Treatment of VITILIGO in CUBA
VITILIGO (white patches on the skin) is a skin disease characterized by defective melanin synthesis by epidermal cells
Treatment of psoriasis шт СUBA
PSORIASIS is a skin disease that is characterized by red patches covering the skin. These patches provoke inching, pain, and are often scratched till they bleed that causes different complications.
Treatment of alopecia in CUBA
Alopecia (loss of hair, baldness) is an abnormal hair loss that causes hair thinning or a complete disappearance of hair on certain areas of head or body
Treatment of cerebral palsy
Cerebral palsy is a cerebral spastic infantile paralysis, central nervous system damage, brain underdevelopment, can be manifested by motor disorders, paralysis, speech disorders, epilepsy. Regenerative neurology.
Treatment of lungs' cancer
Lung cancer treatment in Cuba, CIMAVAX-EGF - therapeutic vaccine for treatment of lung cancer.
Plastic surgery
Plastic surgery in Cuba. Aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. The cost of plastic surgery in Cuba.
Treatment of Trophic ulcer (HEBERPROT-P )
Trophic ulcer (diabetic foot) is one of the most dangerous complications of the diabetes. Diabetic foot stages, symptoms, treatment of diabetic foot with HEBERPROT-P in Cuba.
Treatment of Hepatitis C
Treatment of Hepatitis C, effective interferon-free hepatitis therapy, affordable price
Treatment of Hepatitis B
Treatment of Hepatitis B


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