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Treatment of Hepatitis C. Cuban Program “Leader”. Efficiency is over 90%. Affordable price.

  Viral Hepatitis C (VHC) is one of the commonest diseases, symptom-free, but it leads to major complications if without treatment.

                               Hepatitis C Brief

  • Over 150 mil. of people  all over the world are infected with Hepatitis C;
  • Hepatitis C virus runs into a human body together with blood (injectable drugs, untested bank blood, ill-treated tools of odontologist, manicure and pedicure technician, piercing and tattooing artist);
  • Hepatitis C can present in acute and chronic forms, and an acute form can follow  symptom-free  and in 15-20% of cases a human body can copy with this virus by itself, in the rest of the cases  an acute form passes into a chronic form;
  •  Complications of untreated chronic Hepatitis C (CHC) are revealed in hepatic fibrosis, liver cirrhosis and  hepatic cancer;
  •  Results of Hepatitis C treatment – over 90% of patients recover with the application of the modern direct-acting antiviral agents:  Sovaldi and Harvoni. 

                              Hepatitis C Treatment Program in Cuba.

Since June 2017 the Central Clinic Cira Garcia in Havana, Cuba, has provided treatment of foreign patients with Hepatitis C.

Heber Nasvac - лечение гепатита на Кубе

Leader Program is developed by Cuban scientists under the direction of Dr. Pedro E. Velbes Marquetti, the professor of gastroenterology (see pic.).

Doctor Pedro E. Velbes is a leading expert on viral hepatitis treatment in Cuba, with more than 25 years of treatment experience, who took part in international clinical testings over agents, which are used in interferon-free hepatitis therapy scheme. 

Characteristics and price of Hepatitis C treatment in Cuba.

  • Hospitalizing during 3 days, further ambulant therapy can be performed at home;
  • Complete course of treatment up to 12 weeks;
  • After arrival at the hospital patients undergo a hepatological check-up:
    • complete blood count, biochemical blood test, serology and liver function tests;
    • level detection of hormones, lipids and coagulation;
    • analysis for oncomarkers;
    • virus and PCR genotype determination;
    • hepatic elastography;
    • hepatic and abdominal ultrasound;
    • consultation with a hepatologist.
    •   Hepatitis C treatment is peroral, injection-free;
    • In opposition to interferon and ribavirinum therapy, where the efficiency is under 40% and patients get severe side effects such as hair loss, fever, depression, Sovaldi and Harvoni treatment does not affect patient’s quality of life and efficiency of such treatment amounts to more than 90%        
    • Price of the treatment with modern direct-acting antiviral agents Sovaldi and Harvoni is 70 per cent lower than in analogous clinics in WEC, Israel and U.S.                                   

If you need Hepatitis C treatment, we can arrange a tour to Cuba with visit to Central Clinic Cira Garcia  (3-day stay in Havana) with staying at the famous Cuban resort Varadero, or Cayo Santa Maria, Cayo Coco island.

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