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            Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

   Erectile dysfunction in men is a fairly common condition which is not an independent disorder but a consequence of an underlying disease. Such disorders as arterial hypertension, diabetes, atherosclerosis as well as hormonal and nervous disorders (depression, prolonged stress) most commonly lead to erectile dysfunction. A sedentary lifestyle, bad habits (smoking, alcohol or drug abuse), or unbalanced diet can also result in male impotence. Therefore, it is very important to correctly determine the cause of erectile dysfunction in order to identify an effective method of its treatment.

          The basic methods of the erectile dysfunction treatment are the following:

  • • pharmaceutical treatment;
  • • shockwave therapy;
  • • endoprosthesis replacement of the penis;
  • • psychological treatment.

   Once the cause of the sexual function disorder is established, a physician determines the medical treatment of this male problem based on the collected patient’s history, laboratory testing data, ultrasound results, etc.

   In cases associated with the psychoemotional state, not only sessions with a psychotherapist or a sexual health specialist will bring positive results but also the intake of antidepressants.

   One of the methods of enhancing potency which gives fast effect is the use of such drugs as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Impaza, Conegra, and many others that increase the intensity of blood supply to the vessels of the penis. This method is convenient in application however it has a short-term effect and a rather long list of side effects.

  A new modern method of treating erectile dysfunction is the shock   wave therapy (SWT).

  Cira Garcia International Clinic (Cuba) offers the programme for the   treatment of the erectile dysfunction using the method of SWT.

  The ED-1000 system manufactured by Medispec (Israel) is used for the low-   intensity shock wave treatment. This procedure is very effective for the   treatment of vasculogenic erectile dysfunction which is caused by arterial   hypertension and is often found in diabetic patients, heavy smokers, etc. In   2003, the European Urology Union approved the therapy with the use of the   ED-1000 system as a non-invasive and painless method.

  The effectiveness of the shock-wave therapy in the treatment of   impotence     is 100% after 5-6 sessions. The full course of treatment   takes 3 weeks.

  You can combine the rest of the famous Varadero beaches, Cuba, with the   treatment of erectile dysfunction.

  The cost of the Program of the Low-Intensity Shock Wave Therapy   for     Erectile Dysfunction is 2,000.00 CUC.

        The cost includes:

                                                          • Specialised consultation of a urologist;                                                                                                                 • Specialised consultation of a psychologist.

                          The following examinations are conducted:

  •  Electrocardiogram                                                       
  •  Testosterone test
  •  Common blood test
  •  Common urine test
  •  Cholesterol test
  •  Creatinine test
  •  Glycaemia test
  •  Triglycerides test
  •  6 sessions of low-intensity shock wave therapy.
  •  Repeated consultation with a urologist.

       Advantages of the SWT method:

  •  the effectiveness of the method both as monotherapy and in combination with pharmaceutical preparations;
  •  the total absence of side effects;
  •  no age restrictions;
  •  painless procedure, outpatient treatment;
  •  notable effect after the first procedure.

  Endoprosthesis replacement of the penis. High quality at an affordable price.

     If all therapeutic methods prove ineffective, patients are offered a new radical method of treating impotence, namely a penis replacement surgery. It is important to remember that the penis prosthesis is a last resort when all other methods of the erectile dysfunction treatment have not yielded any results. The restoration of sexual function after this surgical treatment occurs in more than 95% of cases.

At Cira Garcia International Clinic located in Havana, the endoprosthesis replacement of the penis is carried out by highly qualified surgeons.

  For this intervention, the prostheses of American manufacturers (AMS and Coloplast) are used. Despite their higher price, the hydraulic three-component prostheses are more popular and their manufacturers give a lifetime guarantee. It is the hydraulic implants that create sensations completely identical to natural ones during sexual intercourse.

     The program for endoprosthesis replacement of the penis includes:

  •  Preoperative examination
  •  Operation room service
  •  Anaesthesia
  •  Surgical intervention
  •  Intensive care ward after anaesthesia
  •  Medical staff service
  •  Supervision of the attending physician
  •  Accommodation and meals

    The price does not include:

  • Expenses for medicines (if necessary)
  • Transfusion of blood or its derivatives (if necessary)
  • Expenses for the accompanying person.

Comparative table of prices for the endoprosthesis replacement of the penis in different     countries



Type of operation: Prosthetics using a three-component hydraulic prosthesis.

The price of the endoprosthesis is included in the cost of the operation.

       What is important to know about the endoprosthesis replacement of the penis:

  •  The endoprosthesis replacement of the penis is considered as the gold standard for the treatment of erectile dysfunction among the urologists and andrologists;
  •  The operation lasts from 30 minutes to 90 minutes;
  •  A patient is discharged 2-3 days after the operation, sometimes on the day of the operation;
  •  Prosthetics of the penis does not affect urination, ejaculation, orgasm, etc.;
  •  The manufacturing plants supply the implants in sterile packaging, at that the prosthesis itself is treated with a special antibacterial coating which completely excludes contamination and implant failure;
  •  In 1-1.5 months, the tissues are completely restored and the patient can live a normal sexual life;
  •  This intervention eliminates the need for medications and injections to improve potency.

  In Cira Garcia International Clinic (Havana, Cuba), you can undergo the course of the erectile dysfunction treatment with one of the modern methods combining the therapy with the rest on the famous Varadero beaches in Cuba.


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