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Лечение ДЦП. Методы лечения. Реабилитационные центры ДЦП на Кубе  Cerebral palsy is a cerebral spastic infantile paralysis, central nervous system damage, brain underdevelopment, can be manifested by motor disorders, paralysis, speech disorders, epilepsy.

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Treatment of cerebral palsy. Methods of treatment. Rehabilitation centers of cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy and epilepsy.

  Treatment of cerebral palsy is a long, stubborn, hard work. And, although cerebral palsy is considered incurable, but a properly selected course of treatment and early initiation of medical and diagnostic activities can have a beneficial effect on the condition and development of the child, significantly reducing the symptoms of his illness. The chance of "defeating" infantile cerebral palsy is possible with the right choice of a medical institution, an effective and proven treatment program, responsible and highly qualified medical specialists in this field.

   Currently, neurological rehabilitation programs in Cuba are recognized as one of the most successful worldwide experiments in the fight against this disease. The main rehabilitation centers in Cuba are the International Center for Reconstructive Neuroscience "SIREN" and the International Rehabilitation Center La Pradera , which are located in Havana.

    The main goal of rehabilitation centers:

  •  improvement of the patient's condition;
  •  learning its daily activities;
  •  elimination of problems associated with movement, balance, walking.

      One of the main approaches used in the basis of neurological treatment in Cuba is the analysis of the connection between the violation of motor functions of the organism and the lesion of the central nervous system. The methods used in rehabilitation programs can reduce the imbalance of the body by stretching short muscles, strengthening weak muscles, developing joints, reducing spasticity. Repetition, periodicity, rhythm are the three main factors that allow the patient to learn to control the balance, pace of walking, orientation in space. Movement-speech-thinking - those human body functions that Cuban specialists restore and fix in their patients.

Программа реабилитации ДЦП на Кубе

  Cerebral palsy and Epilepsy.

  Important! Cuba takes on the rehabilitation of patients with epilepsy. The National Center for the Treatment of Complex Cases of Childhood Epilepsy is located in Havana.

The program of neurological rehabilitation in the Cuban clinics is based on the property of the human brain - neuroplasticity, that is, on the ability of the brain to recover from injury or injury as a result of repeated repetition (experience) or as a response to various stimuli.

The program of treatment of cerebral palsy consists of two stages.

   At the first stage, the patient undergoes a specialized examination, which can last up to seven days and includes physical tests, tomography studies, neuroimmune tests and other types of examinations. This is necessary in order to determine what functions a person can perform independently, which with help, and where there are special difficulties. When there are concomitant diseases, a treatment aimed at eliminating these diseases must be prescribed.

   At the second stage, according to the results of all the examinations, a treatment program is prepared individually for each patient, which, in addition, can include surgical intervention. The minimum period of treatment for a patient is 28 days. The rehabilitation program in Cuba is multifactorial, intensive, designed for the work of a rehabilitators team with a patient 5 days a week for 7 hours a day (3.5 hours before and after lunch with lunch and lunch break), Saturday - only before lunch, Sunday is a day off.

Методы лечения ДЦП на Кубе, в центрах СИРЕН и Ла Прадера

  Methods of treatment of cerebral palsy in Cuba, used in the centers "SIREN" and "La Pradera".

  • reflexology;
  • ozonotherapy;
  • hippotherapy:
  • hydromassage;
  • laser therapy;
  • elimination of spasticity;
  • hydrotherapy in swimming pools;
  • acupuncture;
  • osteopathy;
  • manual therapy;
  • balance and proprioception training;
  • nutrition, chewing, swallowing therapy;
  • speech therapy;
  • therapy with games (ludotherapy);
  • ergotherapy (occupational therapy).


      Combinations of different methods of treatment are selected individually in each case, based on the needs of the patient. All neurological rehabilitation centers in Cuba work in close cooperation with the Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery. More details about the possibilities of this institute can be read by reference.

                        Benefits of rehabilitation programs developed by Cuban specialists:

  • a personalized approach,
  • intensive rehabilitation,
  • a complex approach,
  • unique methods,
  • accessibility of treatment.

Лечения ДЦП на Кубе, лечения ДЦП за границей

 The cost of treating cerebral palsy in Cuba

   The cost of treating cerebral palsy in Cuba is currently one of the most affordable in the world.

   The cost of a 30-day rehabilitation course in the International Center La Pradera from 6600 CUC.

  The cost of a 35-day rehabilitation course in the International Center for Reconstructive Neuroscience "SIREN" from 5400 CUC

             On neurological packages, when you visit again, there are actions and discounts!

  The price includes a medical examination, a rehabilitation program, accommodation and meals for the patient and accompanying person.

   Those few days off that are free from medical procedures, "angel children" can spend at sea. The sea, sand, sunlight are natural procedures that increase immunity and have a massage effect, which is also one of the rehabilitation methods.


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