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The Best Cuban Medicines

Healthcare system in Cuba is well-known in the whole world for its effectiveness and quality. Cuban medicine is free for the Cubans and affordable for the foreigners.

The efficiency of medical services in Cuba is conditioned by complex and systematic approach to the health of each and every person.

Cuba perfectly combines preventive medicine with the possibilities of diagnosis and treatment using the latest equipment and medicines, developed by nano- and biotechnology methods.

Thanks to the fact that Cuban government spends a huge amount of money on research in the field of pharmacology, scientists succeeded in inventing medicines that help people from the whole world recover or live a better and much longer life alongside their chronic diseases.

The most famous Cuban medicines are: Heberprot P, Melagenin, Coriodermin, Pilotrofin, vaccine against Hepatitis B – Heber Nasvac, vaccine against skin cancer - Heberferon. They are all unique, effective and safe.

Other medicines worth mentioning are vaccines against lung cancer CIMAvax-EGF® and VAXIRA (Racotumomab). Both of them allow to control this disease and  to prevent metastasis from spreading.

Attention! All Cuban medicines can be purchased at pharmacies of international clinics by prescription only.

It’s also crucial to know that almost all these medicines have special storage conditions. Transportation is allowed under the temperature from 2 to 8 ° С.

If you do not have the opportunity to go to Cuba to get a consultation or a prescription, you can contact us. We can deliver any Cuban medicine in compliance with all requirements.

VIDATOX -blue scorpion venom

VIDATOX is an additional therapy in the treatment of various types of oncology.

HEBERPROT-P - treatment of diabetic foot

HEBERPROT-P - is a unique Cuban drug for treatment of trophic ulcers both ischemic and neuropathic.


Therapeutic vaccine CIMAvax-EGF for treatment of the non-small-cell lung cancer


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