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Компания «КУБАМЕД». История компаниия, лечение на Кубе

History of the company

The company "CUBAMED" is the official representative of Cuban medicine in Ukraine, CIS countries and Western Europe. We’ve been providing consulting and organizational services for our patients and tourists for more than 9 years. We help them to combine relaxation, medical examination, and consultations in various institutions of Cuba. We offer more than 60 medical programs of treatment, rehabilitation, and healing in Cuba, and they are always carried out according to authentic Cuban methods. It’s all based on high professionalism of Cuban doctors, scientific research in biotechnology and genetic engineering, development of new Cuban vaccines such as CIMAvax-EGF, Heber Nasvac, Heberferon, medicines like Melagenin Plus, Koriodermin, lotion Pilotrofin and unique methods of treatment. Achievements of Cuban medicine in treatment of psoriasis, vitiligo, alopecia, retinitis pigmentosa, diabetic foot, cerebral palsy, hepatitis, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease, cancer and in cardiovascular surgeries, orthopedics received worldwide recognition. 

Medical tourism in Cuba annually attracts more than 30 thousands medical tourists. Most of them come from Canada, Latin America, and Europe. The number of American patients has  recently increased too. The attractiveness of medical services is caused not only by high professionalism of the doctors but also by affordable prices.

Our experience allows us to organize an individual tour for each patient that will include treatment and rehabilitation in any of the medical institutions in Cuba. We make every effort to ensure that the time spent by our patients in Cuban clinics is as comfortable, pleasant and affordable as possible!

We hope that our website and our qualified specialists will provide you with all information that you may need to make a decision about the opportunities that Cuba offers and will help you prepare for your upcoming trip.


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