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How to get to Cuba


  • If you want to go on a medical treatment or examination in Cuba, you should first contact us by e-mail ( or any of the phone numbers that you can find on our website;
  • We will make professional translations of all your medical documents and will forward your request directly to the leading specialists in the field of treatment of your disease in Havana;
  • After a thorough examination of your documents, you will be offered programs describing needed examinations, therapy and their costs;
  • We reserve a hospitalization date and organize a place in the clinic for both the patient and the accompanying person (if needed, we can do it urgently);
  • We will help you get a visa (for those patients who need one);
  • We can arrange air tickets, select and book a hotel;
  • Representatives of the company SMC ("Comercializador de Servicios Medicos Cubanos")will meet you at the airport. (Transfer airport - clinic/hotel - airport);
  • We will provide a qualified medical interpreter so that you could know everything about the treatment, ask questions and feel right at home;
  • We can guarantee full confidentiality and non-disclosure of personal, financial and medical information.


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