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  VITILIGO (white patches on the skin) is a skin disease characterized by defective melanin synthesis by epidermal cells.

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Why does VITILIGO appear?

First white VITILIGO patches can appear on skin at any age, but in most cases this disease starts in childhood or in teen-age. What are the white VITILIGO patches affecting your body? It is nothing else but skin areas where melanin production was stopped. Melanin pigment is produced by skin cells called melanocytes. Human skin serves as a barrier to protect the organism against harmful external factors. Ultra-violet radiation is one of those harmful factors since it can induce free radical formation in skin that may cause such a dangerous disease as skin cancer. Melanin is capable to detain and absorb UVR, and thus it prevents inner skin layer damages. Although VITILIGO depigmentation does not directly cause skin cancer, the less areas of pigment loss you have, the more confident and comfortable you feel.

What causes VITILIGO?

The etiology of the disease is not completely understood.

The origin of VITILIGO may be related to constant stress, which our modern life is so full of. Normal hormone fluctuations, such as puberty, pregnancy, labour and abortions, menopause can also trigger the disease. Low immunity and, as a result, disorders of internal organs and organ systems, inflammatory processes are inevitably included to the medical history of patients suffering from VITILIGO. It is important that VITILIGO is not congenital condition, but genetic factors should be taken into account. VITILIGO is not a contagious disease.

 Recommendations of the doctor for children and adults with VITILIGO

VITILIGO treatment

VITILIGO treatment, as treatment of any skin disease, is a long and complex process that includes alternating periods of convalescence and recrudescence. However, unlike other skin diseases such as psoriasis, neurodermatitis, herpes etc, VITILIGO does not affect skin areas where the production of melanin was restarted. The proportion of VITILIGO among all skin diseases makes up 4 %. Although a lot of doctors do not consider VITILIGO as a disease, calling it a cosmetic defect, VITILIGO needs to be cured, and nowadays there are quite effective methods and medications to be used.

Taking into account all of the above, patient should not have doubts whether to cure or not to cure VITILIGO. There are not so many medical products that stimulate melanocytes to produce MELANIN, but in case of VITILIGO, multifaceted approach is important. That is why, Cuban method of VITILIGO treatment has been giving excellent results for many years. MELAGENINA PLUS, which was produced by a Cuban scientist at the PLACENTAL HISTOTHERAPY CENTER, is chosen for VITILIGO treatment. It is important to start treatment in unique Cuban climate, where natural sunlight contributes to melanocytes activation, increasing the production of MELANIN. As in case of any other disease, early medical consultation and treatment increase chances for a complete recovery.

VITILIGO treatment program

The key to ultimate effectiveness of the medication lies in patient’s self-discipline and accurate periodical day-to-day application:

VITILIGO treatment program was developed three decades ago at the HISTOTHERAPY CENTER (Havana, Cuba). The program includes:


  1. Presentation on VITILIGO, providing with information about treatment methods, products etc;
  2. Specialized medical consultation (Monday to Thursday 8:30 - 16:30 and Fridays 8:30 -15:30). During the consultation doctor measures affected skin areas and defines necessary amount of product and terms of treatment.
  3. Three in-office sessions. Patient learns to apply the product and gets all the necessary recommendations concerning personal care during the treatment. Cost of products used at the Center is included to the treatment program cost.


The treatment program (3 days) at the PLACENTAL HISTOTHERAPY CENTER - 240 СUC.

Price for one bottle of MELAGENINA PLUS - 36 CUC.

After examination at the Center, it is necessary to buy at the Center’s drugstore the amount of product prescribed by doctor in order to continue the treatment.

To conclude, it should be mentioned that among all skin diseases only VITILIGO does not provoke itching and different painful sensations. In spite of this, it can considerably worsen the quality of patients’ lives, even being a cause of depression.


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