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Рак легких. Виды, лечение рака легкий за границей, на Кубе

       Lung cancer and its types.

       Lung carcinoma is one of the most dangerous types of cancer. Cancer is an anomalous and uncontrolled cellular growth in one or both lungs. The disease has two types: non-small-cells lung cancer (85% - 90% of cases) and small-cell lung cancer (10 – 15% of cases) – this classification is defined by the size of cancer cells and different treatment methods. Due to aggressive nature of the disease, non-small-cells lung cancer cannot be surgically treated. However, the surgery is still possible if the cancer struck only one lung and did not spread to lymph glands or other vital organs.

       As with other types of cancer, treatment method depends on tumor size, its expansion rate and overall patient’s health condition.

 Lung cancer treatment methods. CIMAVAX-EGF therapeutic vaccine

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   Cuban medics have developed, patented and officially registered the world’s first lung cancer vaccine. The CIMAVAX-EGF vaccine became the fruit of 15 year-long labor of Havana Molecular Immunology Center (Centro de Inmunología Molecular). Hundreds of oncology patients have already passed this truly unique medication treatment course.

  Makers of the Cuban vaccine claim that this unique medication allows turning the advanced stages of lung cancer into a “controlled chronic disease”.

 CIMAVAX-EGF effect is not a direct attack on the tumor itself, but prevention of its sustenance in a manner that causes the lung cancer to “die of hunger”.

  As stressed by Gisela Gonsales, Leader of Cancer Medication Development Project – our vaccine affects the tumor Лечение рака легких, терапевтическая вакцина CIMAVAX-EGF directly and unlike other types of cancer treatment, such as chemotherapy and irradiation, destroying tumor cells and healthy ones alike, causes no harmful side effects.

“Vaccine is developed on the basis of protein, common for all people: epidermal growth factor, related to cellular proliferation which grows out of control in case of cancer” – as explained by Gisela Gonsales. Generally the body accepts what it needs and rejects everything foreign, so the vaccine developers had to find a chemical compound “providing a possibility of producing antibodies against such protein”.

  CIMAVAX-EGF - therapeutic vaccine for lung cancer treatment. CIMAVAX-EGF is a Cuban lung cancer treatment medicine, developed by Havana Molecular Immunology Center (MIC) was registered by the Ministry of Health Care and is used since 2008. Dr. Augustin Lage Davila, MIC Director General said: “Biotechnology is a key to transforming the cancer from a lethal disease into a chronic one. Our medication makes chemotherapy and irradiation more effective and less toxic. It helps us achieve our goal: increase our patients lifespan and wellbeing”.

             Lung cancer treatment program in Cuba, LA PRADERA oncology hospital

 Dr. Ruben Elzaurdin Mora (on top of the photo) – La Pradera Leading Oncology Specialtist.

Minimum program duration is 5 days:

  •  primary assessment of patient’s condition, development of patient’s medical information card;
  •  full examination of patient, including all required tests and analyses;
  •  concluding consultation of oncologist, treatment order prescription;
  • first vaccine dose is injected at a Cuban clinic, further treatment may be continued in the patient’s home country as well as in Cuba. Induction phase is 2 months. This is a calculated term for application of 16 pairs of vial (4 * 4).

  CIMAVAX-EGF medication is administered after chemotherapy and irradiation. Vaccine is considered a final treatment stage “without therapeutic alternative” since it, according to Cuban oncologists, helps contain the tumor growth without toxic effect on patient’s body. Beyond that it promotes patient’s wellbeing and increases their lives span.

  Moreover, introduction of Racotumomab (Vaxira) - second vaccine for lung cancer treatment in 2013, made Cuba a world lung cancer treatment leader.

    лечения рака легких на Кубе, онкологический госпиталь LA PRADERA  Лечение рака легких за рубежом

  And finally, the high percentage of cured patients is (to a large extent) a result of excellent post-surgical care and recreation (which is given a special consideration in Cuba).


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