Alopecia (loss of hair, baldness) is an abnormal hair loss that causes hair thinning or a complete disappearance of hair on certain areas of head or body.

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Types of alopecia

The most common types of alopecia are androgenetic alopecia, diffuse alopecia, or alopecia effluviums, alopecia areata, and scarring alopecia.

The most common type of the disease is androgenetic alopecia that affects both men and women. 90% of those with alopecia suffer from this type.

Alopecia areata is an abnormal hair loss due to damages of the hair root system cells. Men, women and children are affected. It comes out in circumscribed bald patches, often round in shape. Stages of alopecia areata’s development: focal, multifocal, subtotal, alopecia totalis and alopecia universalis. When the last type occurs, hair loss is spread to the entire skin that indicates systematic and progressive development of the autoimmune process. Alopecia totalis and alopecia universalis often go along with nail plate damages (punctate onychodystrophy).

Causes of hair loss

Unlike any other dermatosis, etiology and pathogenesis of hair loss are quite well studied. Its main causes are:

1. Heredity;

2. Hormone fluctuations and dysfunctions;

3. Nervous breakdown; psychoemotional stress;

4. Antibiotic treatment, vaccination, viral diseases, anesthetics, etc.

Alopecia treatment program

Due to the variety of causes and types of alopecia, different treatment approaches are used. There are a range of conventional and alternative methods. Patient needs to eliminate internal triggers of the disease, improve psychological state, go on nutritious diet, take vitamins, and keep a healthy lifestyle.

The most effective way to get rid of external hair loss symptoms is uviolizing with the use of medical products that increase hair growth.

This approach is applied to treatment methods developed at the PLACENTAL HISTOTHERAPY CENTER, Havana, Cuba. They are based on the use of Piloactive Lotion (Loción Piloactiva) combined with natural Cuban climate radiation and supplementary products for disease sites care. Cuban methods of treatment are effective for all types of alopecia except traumatic alopecia.

The effectiveness is 100%.

 Recommendations of the doctors for children and adults with ALOPECIA

Medical products used for alopecia treatment

- Piloactive Lotion (200ml) 13.35 CUC

- Piloactive Shampoo (200ml) 5.10 CUC

- Piloactive Dermatological Soap (120g) 3.50 CUC

Ingredients and mode of application:

Piloactive Lotion is 100% natural product with no side effects and. It is safe to treat children and applicable for a long-term treatment.

Lotion infredients:

Infredients: 25% alcohol/water placental extract.

Mode of application: Piloactive Lotion should be applied once a day, preferably at the same time, by rubbing it with a piece of cotton wool into the affected skin area; move from front to back of the head. During the treatment, hair should be washed once a week, and it is advisable to use Piloactive Shampoo or Bioactive Skin Soap.

Side effects: no local or systemic side effects found.

Contraindications: no contraindications found


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