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Центр плацентарной гистотерапии на КубеCenter of Placental Histotherapy (Havana, Cuba) is the leading clinic worldwide in treatment of vitiligo, psoriasis and alopecia. This medical institution is more than a successful clinic. It’s more of an international scientific and medical complex that accepts patients from all over the world. Thousands of both local and foreign patients from 130 countries annually undergo examinations and treatment in this clinic. Moreover, around 100 foreigners get consultations and recommendations each month.

Center of Placental Histotherapy is special because of its narrow pharmacological specialization. The base material for all medical preparation of the Center e.g. Melagenin, Corideodermin, Pilotrofin, and others is human placenta. In the 70th more than 40 tonnes of human placenta were exported to France annually. During that time professor Carlos Miyares Cao was engaged in scientific research and experiments in the laboratory. He was studying the effect of active components of the placenta on the human body. His goal was to separate the cells of placenta (celulotrofinas), which are involved in the normal development of the fetus and also stimulate the development of various groups of cells. If this preparation is given to the people who have deficiency or excess of cells in some organ, celulotrofinas can restore its function by acting on the cellular level. First medicines, based on the extract of human placenta, were invented in 1973. In 1986, Fidel Castro, the country’s leader, gave an order to establish the Center for the Study and Production of new medicines based on the human placenta. It was named Center of Placental Histotherapy.Лечение витилиго, псориаза, облысения наКубе


The center became famous because of its founder - Carlos Miyares Cao. He is recognized worldwide as the author of numerous studies about the human placenta and as the developer of programs of treatment of such diseases as psoriasis, vitiligo and alopecia. The patients and professional dermatologists from all over the world call the Center of Placental Histotherapy - Doctor Cao’s Clinic.

The Center is still actively studying the causes of vitiligo, psoriasis and alopecia. New methods of treatment are constantly being developed and existing ones are being systematized. The Center also studies the possibilities of using new medicines, based on human placenta, in treatment of AIDS and other.

Medicines produced by the Center of Placental Histotherapy:Препараты, производимые Центром Плацентарной Гистотерапии: Мелагенин, Кориодермин, Пилотрофин, Биопла

Treatment in the Center of Placental Histotherapy

Upon arrival, the patients are sent to the waiting room, where they receive comprehensive information on their disease and the treatment that they will be undergoing. After that, the patient gets a consultation with the group of physicians. Using computer programs they define the stage of the disease, the percentage of lesions, required quantity of the medicines and decide on a course of treatment. Then, medical staff instructs the patient on how to take prescribed drugs correctly. Besides that, the patients can consult a dermatologist and a psychologist.

The results of treatment with Cuban preparations based on human placenta

Центр Плацентарной Гистотерапии результаты лечения кубинскими препаратами из плаценты человека

The effect is positive in:

-          86% of cases of treating vitiligo with Melagenin Plus.

-          86% of cases of treating psoriasis with Coriadermina gel and moisturizing get

-          100% of cases of treating alopecia with Piloactive lotion and shampoo


Another known medicine based on human placenta is Biopla. It is used to treat anemia, osteoporosis and to prolong life of the patients with AIDS. In addition to that, the Center developed a line of cosmetic products that restore the tissue and, consequently, possess anti-aging effect.

Cuban system of treatment of vitiligo, psoriasis, and alopecia using the medicines based on human placenta is effective and safe!


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