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                                                   CENTRO DE HISTOTERAPIA PLACENTARIA

 Treatment Method for children and adults with            Alopecia

  •  Apply PILOACTIVE LOTION (PILOTROFINA) once a day every 24 hours gently perfricating it using cotton plug with smooth motions over the hairy part of the head moving from the back of head to the front of the head. Then irradiate the hairy part of the head with infrared lamp with power of 150-250 W from the distance of 40 cm for 15 minutes.      
  •  To achieve better result in hair restoration, it is recommended to wash hair with Piloactive Shampoo twice a week avoiding the use of another shampoo and soap.
  •  Since PILOACTIVE LOTION is safe, it can be used in children, aged people, and pregnant women. The lotion does not have any unpleasant odour and does not soil clothes. 
  •  PILOACTIVE LOTION does not have any local or systemic negative side effects. Please bear in mind that Lotion contains alcohol and upon contact with the eyes, it can cause temporary irritation not followed, however, by any negative consequences such as blindness and other vision disorders. 
  •  During the period of use of PILOACTIVE LOTION, it is advisory to avoid using hair-dyes and other chemical compounds as it can blunt the effectiveness of Lotion

      Piloactive Lotion is made of placental piloactive factor and has the following therapeutic qualities: 

           1. It physiologically regulates the state of sabeceous glands that allows to maintain the hair soft and prevent  hair from being rather dry or greasy 

           2. It enhances the blood flow of the hairy part of the head
           3. It improves the synthetic process of the nutritional substances into each hair bulb due to additional supply   of basic amino acids

  •  It is important to remember that the hair length is not connected with duration of its restoration 
  •  In some cases, during first 3 months of treatment, the areas affected by alopecia may extend. This should not raise any concerns and the use of Lotion should be continued. This adverse effect will resolve in 6 months. 
  •  If hair has restored in a short period of time (e. g., in 3 months), it is necessary to continue using Piloactive Lotion for another 2 years. The hair state can be improved but full restoration may not be achieved.          

                    Approximate consumption of one vial of Piloactive Lotion is 1 months.

  • If hair is fully restored, no relapses are expected. 
  • To fully restore the hair, it takes 2 years of using Lotion. 
  • The efficacy of Piloactive Lotion is 74% in alopecia areata and alopecia universalis and 40% in androgenetic alopecia. 
  •  The hair growth rate in normal conditions is 0.3 mm a day or 9 mm a month. In case of any hair disease, the growth rate will be lower. 
  • During applying Piloactive Lotion, it is recommended to avoid using any other preparations for hair growth stimulation such as: Minoxidil, aloe extract, preparations on the base of phenol or corticoids, capillary Lotion, etc
  •   In the treatment period, it is necessary to take vitamins complex.


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